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PhysioMed Women's Tri & Du 2017 Entries are open !

We are so excited.. The earthquakes took QEII from us and left many of us all far to broken to find the energy to celebrate being an active woman. We tried to hold it together for a couple of years at Rangiora, but I too was broken and the energy just got up and left. Time does heal somewhat and now here we are in October 2016 and I am really excited about our new start at Rolleston on the 12th February with some things the same, and some things different.

One thing that has not changed for me is the passion & excitiment I have to be part of your challenge, to be at the finish line and share your smiles, to meet the women that have just finished a triathlon or duathlon for the first time, to celebrate with women that have overcome barriers to cross the finish line, to give a hug to old friends, to see families being active together.

There will be a regular newsletter to let you know about training sessions, pre event transition sessions and other seminars coming up on the calendar. In the meantime keep an eye on the facebook page for info.

Your entry fee is also going to support our new project "Connecting Women & Sport" which is something that has been a plan for me for a long time. Over the years of organising events, training & coaching women I sadly see so many give up because of a number of barriers. My goal with the trust is to work at giving women a hand over these barriers. It could be financial, coaching, training groups, a buddy/mentor, equipment/clothing, child minding, motivation and more. Our vision is to have a community, supportive culture that is a never ending chain, we help one woman change her life, she in turn will help someone else.

All the very best with your training and we look forward to seeing you at Rolleston on the 12th February 2017

Good luck

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