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PhysioMed Women's Tri & Du history and the Connecting Women & Sport Trust 

Some history from Barb....It is 29 years ago that I organised the first Women's Triathlon at QEII.  Over the years I have seen hundreds of women in Christchurch achieve so much and experience the fun of taking on a challenge, learning all about the training and themselves.   


Because of my passion for bringing women and sport together for me it is not just about the event each year, it is about training, being around other fab women, learning and living an active lifestyle regardless of age or ability.   It is all about giving women opportunities to get active & stay active.  It is important that we make fitness & health so much a part of our life it is like cleaning your teeth! Because of my passion for helping others I qualified as a Personal Trainer and continue to develop these groups. 

Before the earthquakes it often bothered me that many women took part in events then drifted away from being active, healthy & happy.  The reasons for this can be varied and often just too hard to overcome.  I see the reasons as barriers, and they can be damn difficult to climb over. Some of these could be financial, knowledge, training advice, equipment, encouragement, support & guidance.  

Post-earthquakes many, many women just had enough energy to look after their family day by day, week by week - there was no time, energy or inclination to be active and care for themselves.  But time does heal somewhat and now it is even more important for us to encourage and help others in taking care of self.  It is important for us to be fit, healthy and happy for ourselves first and our families. 

With the help of other fabulous women, that have over the years climbed these barriers we have established the "Connecting Women & Sport Trust" 

The trust is all about giving women a helping hand to get and stay active, to take on challenges, to live a healthy, happy lifestyle, to become role models to their children and in turn, help other women in Christchurch to do the same. It is connecting women & sport. 

This year the PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon will be donating funds from the event to the CW&S Trust so we can make headway on encouraging, helping, enabling & education other women to experience the amazing lifestyle of being active, fitter, stronger and experience the thrill of achievement. 

The trust is going to be a "work in progress" and will grow and develop continually.  If you wish to help in anyway with time, ideas, equipment etc please contact us. 

I am  excited and look forward to the event and being able to connect more women with sport.
Barb Millar

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