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The following rules are for your safety and to ensure you have a smooth, fun day.  Please read these and if you have any questions contact Barb by email on or call/text on 027 271 9721


  • All participants must register on either Friday 7th Feb or Saturday 8th Feb (you can get someone else to register and collect your number etc for you), and attend the event briefing at 7.40am on Sunday 9th Feb

  • Participants must remember that the event is being held on public roads. Caution and common sense must be used at all times.

  • All road rules must be obeyed at all times. We do not have road closure for any part of the event.  Do not presume that you have any special privileges or right of way because you are participating in the event.

  • Crossing the white center line of the road at any stage during the cycle will result in automatic disqualification.

  • Marshals on course are available to assist you where and when possible. However, they are not able to stop traffic, you must obey the road rules and their instructions at all times. 

  • Marshals on course are placed on each turning corner. However, it is your responsibility to know the course. 

  • Cycle helmets of approved standards must be worn.  Your helmet must be securely fastened before you remove your bike from the bike stand and stay fastened until your bike is returned to the bike stand at the end of the cycle leg. (Please check your helmet's internal shell for any cracks or damage as this will make it unsafe and will not protect your head)

  • Wearing headphones, or earplugs (music), during the cycle leg is not permitted.

  • Medical personnel have the right to remove any participant from the event should they consider it necessary.

  • Refunds for special circumstances may be made at the discretion of the Event Organiser before the 1st March 2021 and will carry a $15 admin fee.  However, entry may be transferred to another person at any time. 

  • Refunds will not be made for your withdrawing from, or non-starting of event on the 28th March 2021. 

  • Any decision made by the event organiser on the day with regard to safety or application of rules is final.

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