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Enter and pay with Credit Card

Our entry and pay with Credit Card is hosted by The Timing Team through their secure website

Individual  - you can also enter more than one individual here on one credit card payment

Buddy Up 


Team - 3 People

Team - 2 People

Refunds for special circumstances at the discretion of the event organiser before the 1st March 2021 and will carry a $15 admin fee. However entry may be transferred to another person at any time. 

Refunds will not be given on withdrawal from, or non-starting of an event on the day. You may however transfer your entry to another person at any time leading up to the event.

Covid Plan for 28th March 2021
We will do everything possible to ensure that the PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon happens on the 28th March but should the Level status change this is our plan: 
Level 1 -  The PhysioMed Women's Triathlon and Duathlon is all good to go with the normal guidelines of contact tracing, hand washing procedures, respecting personal distance and staying home if you are not well.  We will keep fingers crossed that we can stay Covid Community free.  Details will be updated from now until the event. 
Level 2 -  The event will become a Duathlon for everyone as we will have transition zones and start times to create smaller groups. More details will be sent out if this is necessary closer to the event. 
Level 3 or Level 4
- The event will be postponed and all entries will be transferred over to the new date set by the organiser, or If the event cannot continue within a reasonable time frame there will be a refund  of your entry fee less $5 to cover admin costs. All entrants will be notified. 


Thank you for your entry, now your job is to start having fun with your training.

Some suggestions:

- Challenge friends or family members into joining you on the 28th March and plan training sessions together
- Organise others to train with you

- Put together a manageable training program for 4 weeks at a time.  Be realistic and not too hard on yourself. 
- Spend some time now on what you consider the hardest part - is it the swim or the bike or the run?
- Join in any of the Barb Millar Training   bike or run/walk sessions (you do not have to be training with Barb to join in)
- Take part in the 5km "Park Run's" on Saturday mornings (run or walk or both!)
- Take on a coach or PT.  If you would prefer to have some coaching or Personal Training contact Barb as there are many wonderful, experienced trainers in different areas around Christchurch that she can direct you to..

There will be regular newsletters & Facebook page tips during the year to keep you on your journey. If there are any specific topics you would like info on, email Barb on 

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