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Barb Millar Training & the Cupcakes

Sharing the Buzz
I started the Women's Triathlon 25 years ago, due to being passionate about sharing with women the buzz of taking on challenges, along with the fun and elation of crossing the finish line at events.

I was never a super fast, super fit athlete. I loved training, loved the outdoors, loved the excitement of events. But, every event I took part in there was always the rest of the field...and me at the back.  It shouldn't be like that, everyone should be able to share the experience.

As women, we have so much going on in life, work, families, and commitments. More often than not the first thing to disappear from our lives is care of self. Our children and families come first. 


I have always organised training groups as part of the  PhysioMed Women's triathlon & duathlons  plus I had a Level 2 Coaching Cert, so it was an easy decision to qualify as a REP's Registered Personal Trainer 12 years ago. 


The events, the outdoors, the training can be part of your life. Learning how to balance activity, reduce stress levels, putting yourself outside your comfort zone, supporting each other, great friendships and having fun is all part of the BMT culture.  Life, activity, achievement all should be wrapped up with fun. 


The cupcake name came from our favourite phrase -

When it gets a little tough or a negative moment happens, the answer is: "Suck it up Cupcake"

You will see our fluro yellow shirts around at the PhysioMed Tri & Du and many other events. 

Take a tour of Barb Millar Training "like" the Barb Millar Training Facebook page for weekly updates, come along and join in our fun.  Email, text or call me with any questions you have.  


I look forward to seeing you at the PhysioMed Tri & Du and at any of our training sessions.

Barb Millar 

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