I intend to enter PhysioMed Tri or Du 2021

Thank you.. Taking the time to let us know you intent to enter the Triathlon or Duathlon closer to the 28th March 2021 is much appreciated.
Enjoy your training and see you in March if not before!

Triathlon Long Course:
200m Swim - 20k Bike - 5k Run or Walk

Triathlon Short Course:
100m Swim - 10k Bike - 3k Run or Walk 
uathlon Long Course:
1k Run or Walk - 20k Bike - 5k Run or Walk

Duathlon Short Course:
1k Run or Walk - 10k Bike - 3k Run or Walk


Triathlon Run Long Course
Triathlon Walk Long Course
Triathlon Long Course New Mums
Triathlon Long Course Team 

Triathlon Run Short Course 
Triathlon Walk Short Course
Triathlon Short Course New Mums
Triathlon Short Course Buddy Up
Triathlon Short Course Team

Duathlon Run Long Course
Duathlon Walk Long Course
Duathlon Long Course New Mums

Duathlon Long Course Team

Duathlon Run Short Course 
Duathlon Walk Short Course
Duathlon Run Short Course New Mums
Duathlon Short Course Buddy Up
Duathlon Short Course Team