Welcome to our website and home of all the info you will need to join us on the 28th March 2021 for another amazing day of celebrating women of all ages and abilities taking part in either the Triathlon or Duathlon.  

This page will be updated often along with our Facebook page and there will be some newsletters emailed to your in box if you are on our mailing list or have already entered.  Our new addition for 2021 is a category for e bikes.  Also check out the Buddy Up event for our young ladies 10-12yrs and the New Mum's event. 

Life has been rather different since the beginning of 2020 when Covid stamped it's mark on our world.   It has been a journey for us all so this year especially we are super excited and super grateful to be able to host the PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon on the 28th March to bring us all together to celebrate being active and taking on a challenge.

We especially thank the Selwyn Aquatic Centre team for supporting our event in 2021 after a whirlwind 2020 including building a new pool, remodeling the existing facility and dealing with the demands of Covid 2020. 

The important stuff about Covid status for 2021 

It has been a long journey from the start of Covid in 2020 and we are excited to be able to plan the PhysioMed Women's Tri & Du with confidence.  But we must always be aware and ready should the status change in New Zealand.  Following is our plan should our current status change and we need to work within the Government guidelines.  It is important to us to make the event safe, fun and satisfying for you. 

Level 1 -  The PhysioMed Women's Triathlon and Duathlon is all good to go with the normal guidelines of contact tracing, hand washing procedures, respecting personal distance and staying home if you are not well.  We will keep fingers crossed that we can stay Covid Community free and in Level 1!

Level 2 -  The event will become a Duathlon for everyone.  There will be transition zones and staggered start times to create smaller groups.  More details will be sent out if this is necessary closer to the event. 

Level 3 or Level 4 - The event will be postponed and all entries will be transferred over to the new date or If the event cannot continue within a reasonable time frame there will be a refund  of your entry fee less $5 to cover admin costs. 


We do understand your reluctance to enter and pay the entry fee until close to the event.  
This does make it make it harder for us to plan and commit to event expenses so if this is you it would be appreciated if you can let us know your intention to enter by filling this form for us
   "I intend to enter"

Please note: This Intend to enter form is not your entry into the event.    You will need to fill out the official entry form when you are ready on the Enter Now  page and pay the entry fee. 

Remember that filling out the official entry form and payment secures your start position in the event.  We stagger the start in both the triathlon and duathlon so early entries start first. 


New for 2021 - e bike category

If you have an e bike you are most welcome to ride it in the event as we now have a new e bike category.  It is brilliant to have seen so many people out and about on e bikes over the Christmas, New Year holiday's.  Let us know on your entry form that you are riding an e bike and - have fun!! 

Buddy Up Section for 10-12yr olds

We love to encourage and celebrate being active as part of life, taking on challenges and being a role model to all Whanau. 

There is an age limit of 13yrs as an individual entry for their safety on open roads. 

The "Buddy Up" Short Course Tri or Du is for 10-12yr's
 to take part with an adult  buddy.  The only rule is you stay together for the whole of the event.

Entry fee is the individual rate for both of you and y
ou both have the same event number. 

How about you to encouraging your  daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend's youngster to take on a challenge and join us in the Buddy Up section on the 28th March 2021?

New Mum's Category

Our other favourite category is the New Mum's Category.  If your precious baby is under 18 months then you complete the triathlon or duathlon and take baby in their buggy in the last run. Short or Long course. Dad is more than welcome to join you on that leg as well.

Finally there is the overall "Team" part of your entry.. 

This is about  bringing together as many fab women  in your circle to enter in any of the event categories  with an overall group "Team Name" 

You don't need to work together/be family or any other rules.  Just encourage each other to enter and fill in the box for your team name.

There will also be a leader board on here and
Facebook with the total entries per Team Name.  

As a team your task is to encourage & motivate each other, train together whenever possible, jump over any hurdles life puts in your way and finally have a great day on the 28th March.  

You can have your own bike rack space in transition and put up a gazebo in the finish area for your celebration


Triathlon Long Course:
200m Swim/20k Bike/5k Run or Walk

Triathlon Short Course:
100m Swim/10k Bike/3k Run or Walk 
uathlon Long Course:
1k Run or Walk/20k Bike/5k Run or Walk

Duathlon Short Course:
1k Run or Walk - 10k Bike - 3k Run or Walk

Each event has a choice of "Run" or "Walk" 
There is also a Team option in each of the events so you can have 2 or 3 team members.  eg: one person swims, one bikes then the other person runs or walks (a team member may do two disciplines)

The PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon is supporting the
Connecting Women and Sport Trust 

The event is organised by Barb Millar
Cell: 027 271 9721