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2021 Wrap up

to every single fabulous woman that took part in the PhysioMed Women's Triathlon and Duathlon today. You are all awesome. 

We had an amazing day, beautiful weather and so many beautiful smiles. 

There will be photos over the next few days with an album on Facebook..

The results for the 2021 PhysioMed Women's Triathlon and Duathlon are here


New for 2021 - e bike category

If you have an e bike you are most welcome to ride it in the event as we now have a new e bike category.  It is brilliant to have seen so many people out and about on e bikes over the Christmas, New Year holiday's.  Let us know on your entry form that you are riding an e bike and - have fun!! 

Buddy Up Section for 10-12yr olds

We love to encourage and celebrate being active as part of life, taking on challenges and being a role model to all Whanau. 

There is an age limit of 13yrs as an individual entry for their safety on open roads. 

The "Buddy Up" Short Course Tri or Du is for 10-12yr's
 to take part with an adult  buddy.  The only rule is you stay together for the whole of the event.

Entry fee is the same as individual ($50 for both of you)

How about you to encouraging your  daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend's youngster to take on a challenge and join us in the Buddy Up section on the 28th March 2021?

New Mum's Category

Our other favourite category is the New Mum's Category.  If your precious baby is under 18 months then you complete the triathlon or duathlon and take baby in their buggy in the last run. Short or Long course. Dad is more than welcome to join you on that leg as well.

Finally there is the overall "Team" part of your entry.. 

This is about  bringing together as many fab women  in your circle to enter in any of the event categories  with an overall group "Team Name" 

You don't need to work together/be family or any other rules.  Just encourage each other to enter and fill in the box for your team name.

There will also be a leader board on here and
Facebook with the total entries per Team Name.  

As a team your task is to encourage & motivate each other, train together whenever possible, jump over any hurdles life puts in your way and finally have a great day on the 28th March.  

You can have your own bike rack space in transition and put up a gazebo in the finish area for your celebration


The PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon is supporting the
Connecting Women and Sport Trust 

The event is organised by Barb Millar
Cell: 027 271 9721

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