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Exciting update

The PhysioMed Triathlon & Duathlon
will be back in 2017

Date & details will be here on 5th September 2016

The PhysioMed Women's Triathlon & Duathlon will be back in 2017.  Some things the same and some things new. 

We are looking forward to seeing old and new friends at the start line.  Make a commitment to yourself now to aim for February 2017 as the date you will cross that finish line.

To help you on this adventure you are welcome to come along to any of the training sessions that we have with Barb Millar Training.  Each week we meet for runs/walks, swimming and cycling.  It is much more fun to train with other lovely ladies that support and encourage each other.  Never think you are not fit enough or you need to loose weight first or everyone will think you are too slow.... The hardest step is the one out the door, once you have done that you will be on your journey.  Have a look through the website and make that step out the door  Barb Millar Training 

Barb Millar
PhysioMed Women's Tri & Du Organiser
REP's Registered Trainer
027 271 9721

Barb Millar Training

Over my many years of  taking part in triathlon and organising events I have gained a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn't work.  The PhysioMed Women's Tri organising was a direct result me wanting to show women that regardless of ability or fitness they can enter and complete a Triathlon or Duathlon.  It is not about being fast, super fit, or in perfect (whatever perfect is!) shape. 

Since the beginning of the PhysioMed we have run many training groups, seminars and training sessions.  The training groups have become an integral part of my goal in helping women to become and stay active, enjoy the outdoors and understand that anyone can take on the challenge of events so as part of this mission I became a qualified personal trainer (REP's Registered Fitness Professional)

It has been a fantastic journey and now we have a fabulous group of women, fondly known as the "Cupcakes" meeting each week for all or any of the group training of swimming, biking, mountain biking, running & walking.

It continues to be mine and the groups mission to encourage more women to join us making training & events part of your life.  My drive is to show you that exercise and training does not need to consume your life, it should be part of your life. 

So if this sounds interesting come along and join in the fun with us, there is nothing more motivating than a group to exercise with, support you to tackle what you think is impossible, chat to, drink coffee with.   

Our aim for these groups is to create a supportive training environment for woman at any fitness level.  Do not stay away because you think you are not fit enough.  We all start somewhere and the culture of all our groups is to support and encourage each other.  Each group has beginners groups.  We split into groups depending on your fitness and ability. 
Have a browse through the Barb Millar Training website and come along and join in the fun.  You will also find us on face book as Barb Millar Training 

There is also a regular newsletter for both PhysioMed Tri and Barb Millar Training. 
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Individual coaching & one on one sessions
If training and events are a whole new world to you there is so much advice and information available that will literally make your head ache!!  Barb Millar has more years of experience that she is willing to admit and can take the confusion away. Your journey should be fun and challenging at the same time., it should be and can be part of your life - not controlling your life, it needs to fit in around your current commitments, family and work life.  Barb Millar is a REP's registered Fitness Professional and long time triathlon, running, cycling and swimming coach.

Same applies if you have been training and taken part in events and now want to achieve more,  there are some mistakes you just don't need to make and the hundreds of articles, advice and reports available will give you conflicting advice which will add to your  confusion.  Having a coach is not just for the professionals or fast, fit athletes. Be smart with your training time and enjoy your achievements.

If you are wanting some individual coaching, guidance, technique, nutritional advice etc then contact Barb through Barb Millar Training or call on 027 271 9721

2010 Video
  Take a couple of minutes to watch the fun below. a piece of history... the last event at QEII :)


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Our training groups are for everyone of any fitness level.  Details are on Barb Millar Training


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